Certified Dealer in E-Waste Also.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste): Industrial e-waste comprises discarded electronic devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, televisions, and other electronic equipment that are no longer in use or have reached the end of their life cycle.

Industrial Scrap: Transforming Waste into Opportunity

Step into the realm of industrial scrap where discarded materials forge a path to sustainability. Discover how innovation and recycling turn industrial remnants into valuable resources, reshaping waste into a realm of economic and environmental possibility.

Roshani Industrial Scrap and E-Waste Center

is an establishment that specialises in buying and selling scrap materials and electronic waste.

This center serves as a convenient and accessible destination for individuals and businesses to exchange their unwanted or discarded items for monetary compensation.

Roshani Industrial Scrap and E-Waste Center typically accepts various types of materials, such as metals, plastics, paper, and electronic devices, providing a fair value based on market rates and the condition of the items. They may also offer services like weighing, sorting, and evaluating the scrap materials brought in by customers.

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