A corporation that focuses in purchasing and selling scrap materials and electronic trash is called Roshani Industrial Scrap and E-trash Centre.

This centre provides people and companies with a simple and approachable location to trade in unwanted or abandoned things for cash.

Typically, the Roshani Industrial Scrap and E-Waste Centre will take a variety of commodities, including metals, plastics, paper, and electronic devices, and will provide a reasonable price based on the item’s condition and market pricing. Additionally, they could provide services like weighing, classifying, and assessing the scrap items that clients bring in.

The Kudalwadi, Chikhali, Pune district is conveniently home to the Roshani Industrial Scrap and E-Waste Centre. It provides a convenient place for people and businesses to bring their industrial trash for sale and recycling since it is situated close to industrial districts and is simple to reach from main transportation routes.